Brunch In The Bush

The oarsman beached the boat. It was painted blue and the man was wearing a blue sarong. Three young women in blue traditional dress stepped out of the dugout canoe. They were wearing white necklaces and had white flowers in their hair. They carried wicker baskets full of hoppers, milk-rice, fish curry and Sri Lankan sweets to the clearing next to the lake, decked with chairs, benches and bean bags. A young man in a blue sarong poured water from a clay pitcher for us to wash hands. Another offered king-coconuts from bunches that were hanging from a tree. Food was dished out onto Lotus leaves. Fires were lit and herbal tea was brewed.

Brunch was served.

Fruit grew on trees!

Tea is brewed

Some used the swings and others mingled, chatted and drank tea. We went for a walk along the lake shore.


(The brunch in the bush was arranged by Jetwing Surf)


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