Who is Bandi?

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Thank you for seeking me out. Some call me Bandi but my name is Bernard Dias. I was born in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), studied medicine in the Ukraine and Russia and practised and live in the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate. I spend the winter months in Sri Lanka and travel in the Far East using a modest place I keep on the island as my base. I am passionate about travel, food, wine and birds. This blog attempts to document some of my travels and experiences in and from Sri Lanka.

Medical School, Kharkov, Ukraine

Medical School, Kharkov, Ukraine

Student days in Moscow

Student days in Moscow

Place in Sri Lanka

Place in Sri Lanka

My second blog is about exploits with my soul mates from the Harrogate Medical Wine Society which I founded in 1991. Please do take a look. The link is:


The image of myself above is from a visit to the vineyards of Georgia.

4 thoughts on “Who is Bandi?

  1. Dear Dr Bernard Dias
    By a coincidence, I discovered your blog and the website of Harrogate Madeical Wine Society. It’s quite intriguing! Should you ever be curious is some info and wines, made by a CRAZY BELGIAN Winemaker in SA, in an European style (minerality, elegancy, finesse, …) and a link to Burgundy, please contact us. It would be great to hear your opinion on our SPIOENKOP Wines. See http://www.spioenkopwines.co.za for a first impression.
    Have a nice evening!
    H. Vandenaweele
    Spioenkop wines

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