Ancient Mosques Of Beruwela



The stark white Kechimalai Mosque stands on a headland at the sleepy southern fishing village of Beruwela in Sri Lanka. Built in 1024, it marks the spot where Moors first landed on the island. Beruwala Maradana Masjidul Abrar Jumma mosque a short distance away is the first mosque of Sri Lanka, built in 920


Kechimalai Mosque


Water for ritual ablutions at entrance


Preyer hall


The tomb of Ash-Shaikh Ashraff Waliullah in the mosque


The current Imam (seated) who invited me in to the mosque


A young Muslim priest reading the Holy Book in the shade of a coconut tree in front of Kechimalai mosque


Beach in front of Kechmalai mosque


Fisheries harbour next to Kechimalai mosque

Abrar Mosque

Abrar Mosque, renovated in the 1980s


The original Abrar Mosque


Prayer Hall


Barberyn Island

3.25 ha Barberyn Island is situated 0.8 km (0.50 mi) offshore from the mosque. It has a 34 m (112 ft) lighthouse built in 1889.





See earlier blog post “Barberyn…where the Moors First Landed.”


The visits to the mosques was arranged and led by Padmini Hussein of Flamingo Tours.

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