A Walk Down Memory Lane

“Another trip to the Sherry Triangle is long over due” they tell me. The last visit was nine years ago, in 2001. We still talk about it – the Fiesta in Jerez, visit to the hunting lodge in Donana, flamenco of Sara Barras and of course, the food and wine of Andalucía. It would be a mistake to try to replicate that tour – it could never be done. But Jerez, Santa Maria and Sanlucar can be, and should be revisited and the great things of the region savoured again. I tried to contact Bartolme Vergara, the man who ran things for us in Jerez so well last time. There was no answer. I rang Graham Hine, the current director of the Sherry Institute of Spain. He was not in. I phoned Bryan Buckingham, the former director of the Sherry Institute. This time I was lucky. Brian knows where Vergara is and he knows another very good agent in Jerez de la Frontera. And he still is in touch with wine people out there who matter. “ I’ll get things sorted out for you,” he said. April is a good time in Andalucía. Spring weather is balmy and the almonds are in bloom. The scent of orange blossoms is heady. There are comfortable Paradors in Ronda, Arcos de la Frontera, Savilla, Cordoba and Granada. All we need to do is to get a good guide and a coach and rekindle that spirit of adventure and love of good things of life. Just like a true Hedonist…

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