Sri Lanka 2015 – Christmas At The Albatross



The drive to Kandy on Christmas day took three and a half hours. We left Colombo at 5 in the morning, had seenisambal buns and tea for breakfast at Ambepussa, crawled up Kadugannawa pass and hit Kandy in the morning rush hour. Then, it was another forty five minutes to the Albatross.

The Albatross is a Golfing & Holiday resort clingingg to the side of a wild mountain overlooking the Victoria Dam and Reservoir. Victoria is the tallest dam in Sri Lanka and supports the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the country.


Ictinaetus_malayensis_shapeWe reached the Albatross just in time for lunch. First we drank Ceylon Arrack, a good single malt from the owner’s own stock and Lion Lager on the terrace. The view was breathtaking. A black eagle glided effortlessly overhead as we lunched on excellent Sri Lankan rice and a selection of curries.


Our rooms had a spacious terrace…

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