Street Art and Biriyani

Kala Pola

Kala Pola, a street art market, is held on Green Path in Colombo every Sunday. The street is packed with stalls selling works of unknown or little known Sri Lankan artists. Some are remarkably good. Paintings cost between Rs.4000 and Rs.30,000.

There is a little stall at the Kala Pola where two women make Kavum or oils cakes (Rs.30 each) and other Sri Lankan sweets like Kokis (Rs.30 a pack), Mung Kevum (Rs. 20 each) and Suv Dodol (Rs. 20 a piece). They are all fantastic and should not be missed.

Close by, behind the Town Hall, Rahumania Palace serves Indian curries and Buriyani. The Mutton buriyani I tried (Rs. 340) came with mint sambal but was over spiced and very salty. I will not be going back.

Oil-cake makers

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