Christmas 2021

It was the second Covid Christmas. Omicron was rampant. A trip to London to spend Christmas with the children was not possible. It was another ‘home alone’ Christmas.

Harrogate was dull and miserable but Knaresborough glittered with Christmas lights. From the castle ruins on top of the hill, the Nidd looked pretty. Passers-by said “Merry Christmas.” It was bitterly cold.

The railway bridge at Knaresborough


We sat near the Tree and drank Palo Cortado before lunch. Presents were unwrapped and silent “Thank yous” said.

Lunch was roast chicken and trimmings with Cambria’s Katherine Vineyard Chardonnay. Puddings were untouched and the cheeseboard and port were ignored.

We listened to old Christmas hits and drank black coffee with dark chocolate and Armenian brandy from the trip there in 2016.

It was an early night.

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