Biso Pokuna


If you are in Sri Lanka and  travelling from Monaragala to Pottuvil, stop at the village of Galabedda to see a small but remarkable archaeological site – Biso Pokuna




The dirt track led uphill through a paddy field. The only noticeable structure was a raised granite bathing pond. Water, probably channeled from spring up the hill, was gargling through sculptured dragon heads at the four corners in to the beautiful square pond. It was built for a princess called Sugala. That was in the 12th century.

The pond is supposed to be part of a palace complex but no trace of it remains. The bathing pond has the base of what appears to be a changing or rest room and an elaborately carved squatting toilet stone.

A roadside kiosk was selling freshly made sweet pancakes and hoppers.The temptation was too much to resist!




(The visit was arranged by Jetwing)



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