Boxing Day 2018

It was like no other Boxing Day We were in the little wine village of Kleinbottwar in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  It was 3 degrees below zero that morning but the air was still and there was no snow. Some from our party drove across the border to Austria to ski. The rest of us walked along a brook through the forest from Kleinbottwar to Steinheim and joined a group of German and Polish friends to walk trough the fields to a wooded knoll for a barbecue. There was singing and dancing all the way up and many stops were made for beer, mulled wine, vodka and apple juice and schnapps. Meats and sausages were grilled, bread was broken and wine poured. Drinking, eating, singing and dancing continued late in to the day.

Drinking schnapps in Steinheim before the start of the walk

Pause for a drink and a song




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