A Christmas Celebration


Rain was relentless all the way to London. It was already dark at half past three. The Christmas tree in Nick & Renu’s living room twinkled and heady scent of roasting meat and rosemary filled the house. Basil and garlic was smashed with thick green olive oil and anchovies for the salsa verde and lemon juice was poured over hot baby potatoes and spinach. Banana fritters were made to go with ice-cream. Bottles of Peroni and Paul Mas Syrah were opened and over dinner, there was chatter, laughter and a great deal of joy.

Christmas Eve

The rain departed leaving a cold but bright day. We took the bus to Angel and then, walked to Sadler’s Wells. The streets were glowing with christmas lights. Laurent-Perrier was available by the glass in the theatre bar and Matthew Bourne‘s Nutcracker was as good as any wine with bubbles. Later we sipped Jean Thevenet’s Macon Clesse and ate fat mussels with copious amounts of Duvel.

Christmas Day

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon were washed down with sweet black tea. Mist lingered over the ponds in Hampstead Heath and the Spaniards (1885) was already filling with lunch guests. Back home, it was Vilmart’s Grand Cellier d’Or 2002 with oysters, Vina Ardanza Reserva Special 2001and Avignonesi’s Vino Nobile 2004 with the duck and Warre’s 10 year old Tawny with the stilton. Dark rum was sipped until it was time to call it a day.

Boxing Day

After a vegetarian South Indian lunch at Ealing Road’s Chennai Dhosai and test cricket on TV in the afternoon, dinner at Corinthia Hotel and a walk along the Thames late into the evening was the perfect end to a lovely Christmas weekend in London.

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