Letter From Colombo – Week 3


Kotte Marsh, situated just outside Colombo has always been a good spot for an evening walk watching waders and the odd nesting Paradise Flycatcher. At one time, there were plans to drain it and build a housing complex. There was an uproar from nature lovers. It is now being converted by the Urban Development Authority in to a Biodiversity Centre with walkways, observation towers and a car park. It would be a top destination for City bird watchers and tourists who do not have the time to venture out in to the birding spots away from Colombo.

Black-winged stilts

Black-winged stilts




Purple Swamp Hen

Purple Swamp Hen

(I have often seen Golden Plovers, Whistling Teals, Black Winged Stilts, Purple Swamp Hens, Moor hens, Egrets, Pond Herons, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Rose-ringed Parakeets, Babblers, Buzzards and Drongos here)


Sri Lankans eat a lot of Chinese food. Colombo is saturated with Chinese restaurants but most of them serve pretty ordinary “Chinese” stodge. With the recent Chinese inspired construction boom in the country, the Chinese expat community has soared and a few authentic Chinese restaurants have appeared. Moon River on Havelock Road is one of them.

It was packed that Sunday evening but we managed to get a table without prior reservation. The restaurant is clean, well lit and welcoming. There was no intrusive loud piped music. Service is quick but uninspired. The traditional butter-squid with spring onions was crispy and well made. Sizzling Bean Curd, Mutton with Beans and Baked Grouper with a mountain of crisp noodles were excellent. What we couldn’t finish was neatly packed for taking away. Moon River is one Colombo Chinese eatery I will be happy to visit again. Next time I will be more adventurous in my ordering.




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