Montenegro – 1. Road To Kracisi

Kotor Bay

The taxi came at 3 in the morning.

We drove through the quiet City and sped along the A23 to Gatwick. Dawn was breaking and it started to drizzle.

Road to Kracisi

Drive to the apartment

At Gatwick Airport, bags were dropped off and we checked ourselves in for the 06.35 EasyJet flight to Tivat. Crisp croissants and black coffee were had for breakfast. Take off was delayed and later, thunderstorms over southern Montenegro forced us into a holding pattern over Tivat airport. In spite of this, the flight was smooth and we were in Tivat before 10 am. The pre-booked car was upgraded and we bumped along a pot-holed road and up a steep hill to our rented apartment in Kracisi overlooking the Bay of Kotor. 

The apartment

We went to lunch at Volat 2, an excellent local cafe by the sea. Sun was shinning and there were swimmers in the sea. We drank local draft beer and ate fabulous grilled squid with rice, potatoes and spinach, salads, pizza with an egg in the middle and grilled chicken.

Cafe Volat 2


Local draught beer

After lunch we bought coffee, bread, fruit, meat and wine at the nearby Queen Supermarket and went back home for a quiet afternoon.


Nobody wanted dinner that evening. We sat on the terrace and had sundowners and ate crisps and lovely, juicy local cherries before bed.



  • Taxi to Gatwick was from Harringay Station Cars (Tel. 020 8341 6538)
  • Car hire in Tivat was from Sixt Rent A Car
  • The three-bedroomed ground floor apartment with private parking, terrace, BBQ, plunge pool, sitting/dinning room, en suite bathrooms, sauna, kitchen, with washing machine and Wi-Fi was from Air B&B
  • Lunch at Volat-2 inclusive of beers and coffees cost Euro 50 for four
  • Cherries in the local shop cost Euro 3.50 per kilo



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